Fanox is a company specialised in the design and manufacture of Electronic Relays for Low and Medium Voltage applications. Since its foundation, back in 1992, Fanox has developed a wide range of products for multiple applications, and as an innovation driver and trendsetter, is settling itself in the energy market as a powerful manufacturer of a large number of Protection Relays that can be used in any kind of application in the Transmission & Distribution Lines.

Fanox is a specialist manufacturer in SELF-POWERED, Overcurrent, and Earth Fault Protection Relays for Feeder, Substations and RMUs Protection. All of our relays incorporate new industry trends: remote communication, high number of protection and control functions, self-designed software for the control of each device etc., all in a competitive package. The aim of these improvements is facilitating the implementation of Smart Grid and predictive maintenance of electrical lines.

A relay is designed to tell a breaker to trip when it needs to, or to keep a switchgear running the way it’s intended to. Their protective function is crucial to keep equipment operating well and out of danger.

Since protection devices have changed so much over the years, it´s important to deal with a company who understands exactly what you and your equipment need. We do.

We’ll help you find the specific relays you need, and we’ll go the extra mile of using our top-quality testing equipment to ensure they’re completely functional.

Our expertise and continuous development and innovation enables us to offer global and complete solutions to each specific application.

We have a wide portfolio of products and resources. We are specialists, well designed and relays offer constant support in the application on site because we have the best technical capabilities to implement our products.

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AUTONOMY In terms of its products lines, Fanox feature internaltianally approved SIA-B and SIA-C Relays. These Self-powered Overcurrent and Earth-fault Protection Relays are designed to protect Secondary Transformer Stations and Distribution Centers of Electrical Networks with independence and free of maintenance.

FLEXIBILITY SIA-B and SIA-C have been designed with a very compact size, to cover all customer requirements and make installation easier, faster, economic and more reliable. Optionally you can have an auxiliary power supply in addition to self-powered function.

SIMPLICITY The SIA-B relay, as SIA-C, is Self-Powered from the power lines and both relays use STANDARD current transformers. The need for batteries and any maintenance is eliminated, reducing the operating cost of the center considerably.

KITCOM Additionally,  the equipment can be connected to an external portable accessory (KITCOM) for commissioning and setting up office through the front communication port. The possibility of powering up with the KITCOM accesory, offers the possibility to activate the trip contact from the test menu, allowing the verification of the circuit breaker before energizing the switchgear.

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Fanox designs and manufactures the most reliable protection & control relays in the market. Products that efficiently prevent engine burnouts, saving costly repairs and preventing dreaded and unnecessary downtime in any important process.

Experience shows that motor protection is still a novelty, and still not a priority amongst users. The high numbers of faults that occur every day are mainly due to overloads, locked rotor, phase failure or imbalance, heavy bursts of long duration or high duty cycle of operations, or overheating.

Over 60% of failures are due to causes not detected by conventional protection systems, causing excessive heat in the windings, leading to a drastic reduction of the electrical life of the motor.

The most significant technical advantages of Fanox designed equipment is:

  • Continuous Thermal image memory of heating and cooling cycles of the engine’s starting cycles, work overload and stoppages.
  • The prompt detection of phase loss, even with the engine running at low loads, stopping quickly to avoid costly breakdowns.
  • Identification of trip cause. The relays indicate the reason for tripping instantly allowing you to identify and act quickly on faults.

Range of Products: 
1- Motors & Generators Protection Control Relays
2- Pump Protection Control Relay
3- Earth Leakage Protection Relays
4- Transient Overvoltage Protection

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Nowadays the need to communicate or interconnect Intelligent devices in the industry is increasing. In some cases the end customer, utilities and manufacturers from different industries need to monitor or even control different types of equipment. Fanox presents a wide gamma of devices to help end customers to solve these issues, providing secure, flexible and adaptative Smart Grid solutions in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution sectors.

With the Fanox Experience in the Industrial Sector for more than 25 years, the communication section is created as a complement to help to interconnect relay in all levels, offering and guaranteeing a complete solutions for the Smart Grid Industry at the same time that ensure maximum interoperability between multiple utility assets.

Range of Products: 

1- Protocol Gateways 

2- Redundancy Devices

3- RTU & Data Concentrators

4- Switches

5- SCADA Software

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Fanox offers complete solutions providing, not only highest quality electronic protection relays, also required current transformers to get protection and measuring capability. Based on relays, different types of current transformers can be used, adapted to customer requirements, both mechanical and functional.

Regarding technical features, all required values that define a CT, as transformation ratio, burden, accuracy class, protection class, frequency, isolation level, ….are adapted to be completely compatible with Fanox electronic Relays.

Furthermore, in case customer has mechanical limitations or a specific CT Type is required, we can study customized production.

Range of Products: 

1- Protection & Measurement for Medium Voltage

2- Electric Energy Measurement for Remote Management in Low Voltage

3-Protection & Measurement for Low Voltage

4- Earth leakage Protection & Measurement for Low Voltage

5-Current Limiting & Filtering

6- Voltage Transformation for Low Voltage

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