Vollmer is the world's only manufacturer able to offer the whole spectrum of measurement and control technology for cold rolling – from the single thickness gauge through to complete shape control and modernisation of rolling mills.

Vollmer is the only manufacturer to be able to offer the full range of systems for strip thickness measurementLaserX-ray, isotope and contact measuring systems.

With different measuring roll technologies Vollmer covers the whole spectrum of strip shape measurement technology.

For roll grinding, Vollmer offers systems for roll measurement during grinding on the grinding machine and offline.

Range of Products: 

1- Automatic Gauge Control 

2- BFI Shape Roll Meter

3- Contact Thickness Gauges

4- Direct Roll Gap Control

5- Roll Management Systems

6- Rolling Mill Modernization

7- Segmented Roll

8- Shape Meter Measurement System

9- VBP - Offline Cross Profiler

10- VTLG - Laser Thickness Gauge

11- X-Ray Thickness Gauge

12- Optimal Shape meter

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With the VTLG Series laser gauges, Vollmer is once again setting new standards:

They are the only gauges worldwide that operate in the cold rolling mill and also serve for automatic gauge control (AGC). As with our tactile systems, they measure the thickness irrespective of the alloy.


The contact strip thickness gauges that measure the thickness of the strip with a precision in the micrometer range are renowned for their exceptional reliability. Over a thousand contact strip thickness gauges bear evidence to the worldwide success of the Vollmer contact gauges. They still form part of the initial equipment of new mills even today.


Our X-ray and isotope strip thickness gauges are characterised by their very lean design. With a minimum overall width of 120 mm, our C-frame gauges have room in even the most confined of spaces.

Thickness Control

The high-speed servo-hydraulic control of the mill screw down closes the loop: The thickness values measured precise to the micrometre form the basis for quick and precise control. Vollmer offers solutions for all control concepts from simple feedback control through to complete mass flow control, supplying the complete control system – from the sensors through the control technology right up to the hydraulics and the cylinder – from a single source.

For our customers that means having just one contact partner – in short: A one-stop solution.

Direct Gap Control

Direct gap contol, predominantly for rolling of wedge-shaped strip and in tandem mills. The heart of the system are two gap sensors which measure the gap width on the drive side and operator's side directly at the shaft of the work rolls, thus eliminating the attenuation of the measuring and adjustment signals caused by stand stretching, roll bearing clearance, etc. The thickness control system thus operates extremely quickly and directly.

Direct roll gap control effectively prevents wedge-shaped strip spreading to the side during rolling. In tandem mills it suppresses the lateral displacement of the strip caused by the high forces prevailing in the stand. The system is particularly effective during the rolling of thick strips: Strip leading and trailing ends are rolled out with high precision when using gap sensors.

Plate rolling mills achieve significantly improved results with direct gap measurement. Whether for strips or plates: The initial pass with gap sensors offers a significantly higher process reliability.